MSU Black Book 2nd Edition

The Black Book Initiative

Contributors: Ceco MaplesKennedy WaltersShania ShepardCharlotte BachelorTriniti Watson

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of the MSU Black Book!

The MSU Black Book provides a collection of resources for Black students, faculty, and other members of the MSU community to locate community networks. These networks make up Black space, and our guides intention is to unearth and center them for student to explore.

The 2nd Edition includes our traditional reource list featuring Black registered student organizations, Black student businesses/services, Black caucuses , and more!

We also include a lot of new content as well.

Through this guide, we promote unity, and mutual support to Black MSU.

Project Hero Cover

MSU Black Book: 2nd Edition 2021.

Edited by Charlotte Bachelor, Ceco Maples, Shania Shepard, Nia Skinner-Miller, Kennedy Walters, Triniti Watson, and Dr. Joyce Meier.

Printed at MSU Libraries by Julie Taylor.

Cover Design, logo, and all Black Book graphics on website designed by Kennedy Walters .

MSU Black Book: 2nd Edition